Monday, May 30, 2011


     I am so exited to go to the northeast.I can't wait to go.  I want to see the statue of liberty.

Slave: Day 3

            Today I am somewhere else in the world alone but free (not entirely free). I made a good decision of resting. Though I'm not entirely sure why I ate a raccoon. Nobody found me so I continued my way to freedom. I am so alive. I'm probably half way across the country

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slave: Day 1

      Today I start my journey as a slave. All of my friends are also slaves. I soon learn that they are taken and sold.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Southwest 1

     The Southwest looks exciting.  I might plan on going to the Grand Canyon, the Alamo, the Gulf of Mexico, and San Padre Island.  I will also want to go to see the Native American Reservations and Tribes.  The Southwest has a lot deserts including the Sonoran and Tule Deserts in Arizona which have different kinds of cacti including the saguaro cactus.

     I also want to go to see the Painted Desert in north central Arizona.  I hear that the sand is red and yellow and it looks like it is painted. 
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West Region 2

     I learned that the West has different resources than the Midwest.  I know that the West has many similarities and differences from the Midwest.  First of all, the Midwest has a lot of prairies and grasslands and the West has a lot of mountains.  The West is mountainous because it has the Rocky Mountains in it.  Also, the West and Midwest are different because the West has more land than the Midwest.  The Midwest and West are similar because they both have something they are known for.  The Midwest is known for crops like corn and the West is known for horse and cattle ranching.

   One place I visited in the West was Alcatraz Island.  Alcatraz Island is located near San Francisco, California, in San Francisco Bay.   I learned that only the really bad prisoners go there.  Only one prisoner escaped from there and stole a police motor boat.  The island of Alcatraz is really small so the prisoners would be stuck because there are sharks in the water.  This was useful for the police because they would know the prisoners could not escape. 

     I also visited the Rocky Mountains.  They spread through the entire region.  Mount Elbert is the tallest mountain and is located in Colorado.  There are a lot of valleys between the mountains.  There are also mini lakes between the mountains.  The Rocky Mountains cover eight states and they are Colorado, Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  There is a lot about the West and there is more stuff about the other regions.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

West Road Trip

      I am excited to go to West Region.  I can't wait to go and see many different things like the desert in Nevada and California.  I know it will be fun especially seeing Las Vegas because there are a lot of casinos, hotels, lights, and shows.  The other place I want to go is Hoover Dam.  I hear it is big!  Hoover Dam blocks the Colorado River and provides energy to parts of Nevada.  I also plan to go to the Grand Canyon and see its beauty and ride a donkey down into the canyon.  I know that the Colorado River goes through it.  I can't wait to go!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Midwest Region

      We are now going to the Midwest. It's not just Illinois but the entire region. So we are planing places to go to five places. One Historical Landmark, Land Form, Body of Water, Major City, and other Place of your choosing. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exited.

       We also have maps that we list